Выберите Ваш План

На свободном плане Вы можете создать приложение и увидеть его в эмуляторе. Для того, чтобы использовать его на мобильных устройствах Вам необходимо перейти на платный план.

Всегда включено во все планы:

  • Неограниченное количество изменений контента и обновлений приложения.
  • Обновление контента приложения на iTunes
  • и Google Play без необходимости повторной публикации.
  • Отправлять неограниченное количество push уведомлений пользователям.
  • Автоматически получать и пользоваться всеми обновлениями системы.
  • Безопасный хостинг на наших серверах.

Anil Riard


The app is incredibly easy to create even for a novice like myself. Couple this with a comprehensive range of gadgets and you get a truly versatile platform that’s easy to manage, update in real-time and deliver to my audience.


Jarle Berntsen

PIT Festival

Hi! My name is Jarle Berntsen and I have created and maintained the festival app for the Porsgrunn International Theatre Festival. You asked for feedback about their experiences so I feel that I can give you some feedback on how it has worked. I tried to programme an app from scratch, which took a long time and was not particularly friendly with respect to updates. I switched to the APPSMAKERSTORE system for three reasons: 1. The app works on iPhone / iPad, Android and the web. 2. It is easy to update and the changes happening in the festival program, app updated to the minute. 3. New content can be added by anyone, anytime. During the festival we distributed pictures and updated text without any problem. The Feedback from Grenland Friteater [The Porsgrunn International Theatre Festival organisers], is that it works everywhere and only thing I am unhappy with is that I didn’t opt for the solution earlier and saved myself a lot of work. Regards, Jarle Berntsen


Susanne Larsen

KiKi 's Beauty Studio

Great App, easy to book an appointment. No need for phone calls, all can be done on the go.


Nish, the Club President and Mentor

Misfit Athletic

Our App has transformed our cricket club. Our members use it to register for matches, viewing fixtures, paying subscriptions, attending social events and buying merchandise. We have over 200 members so the App makes communicating with everyone so easy. I totally recommend it to all sports and social clubs; we couldn't live without our App!


Lindsay Broderick, App user and client


Nice App design, all necessary functions are there; easy to navigate over catalog and choose needed item. I get updates on all new arrivals and promotions they have.